'patrimonio cultural'

We took great care in the restoration of the house, maintaining the original architecture as far as we were able, doing what we could to preserve the history and soul of the farm . 

The interior of the original farmhouse has been restored with nods to the rural style: flagstone floors in the entrance hall, wooden floors in the rooms, original beams and many architectural elements -- the old oven and kitchen sink, "festejadors" (stone benches abutting the windows), oak beams and stone lintels, arches. 

In the living spaces, and the newer rooms, we worked with contemporary interior design inspired by the style of architects Harden & Bombelli of Cadaques.  We play with different textures on the walls and furniture with a characteristic Mediterranean touch.   In all the interiors you will find a mix of antique furniture with mid-century modern and a collection of sophisticated 20thC art. 

The house has many terraces, patios and gardens that create a special and private outdoor space where you can relax and disconnect from the humdrum of the day to day.

"Mas dels Arbres is defined by our dedication and belief in sustainability, great design and just a dash of luxury!" 


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Sustainable energy and water

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Plant local

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Support local businesses

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Travel lightly and breathe deep